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Best Friends Come in All Sizes

Small pets and birds require specialized care. Species-specific food, fresh water daily, and an environment that’s clean and enriched with toys or tunnels are all important parts of keeping them happy and healthy. Just because these guys are small in size doesn’t always mean they’re easy to care for, and we’re here for all your questions about bird and small animal care!

Little Creatures Need Lots of Love

Caring for small mammals and birds can be a little (or a lot) different from caring for a dog or a cat, but some things stay the same! Regular check-ups can detect early signs of common issues like dental problems, respiratory infections, and nutritional imbalances. Our vets can offer tailored advice on diet, enrichment, and preventive care to ensure your little friend enjoys a long, healthy life.

Our small animal services include:

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Tips for a healthy pet

They are What They Eat!

Taking care of a small pet doesn’t necessarily mean that the care they need is smaller in scope. Many small pets like birds, rabbits, or other pocket pets require very specialized and balanced diets to stay healthy and happy. Sometimes, this can be tricky to achieve! The vets at East Bullitt Animal Clinic have experience with a wide variety of small animals and pocket pets and are ready to help you put together a meal plan that will provide a big health boost for your small friend. Give us a call for more information!

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