Dr. Stephanie Pollett

Dr. Stephanie Pollett

Dr. Stephanie Pollett has been working in veterinary clinics since 1992. She graduated from East Bullitt High School in 1993 and Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2005. Our philosophy at East Bullitt Animal Clinic is to provide the kind of care we would want for our pets!

Dee Kennedy

Great vet! Have been going there since Dr Pollett opened her office. She’s been there for us through the years with many of our losses and new pets. The staff all work hard and have genuine dedication to all the animals and clients. It’s a great place for fur baby parents, and even the types

Amy Maiden

I love it here! My pets are always in great hands. They are so helpful and responsive. They care and it shows. The facility is very nice, clean, and comfortable. The people are all so sweet. I highly recommend them!

Carol Howell

Everyone is so nice, thorough, and you can feel the love of each animal brought in. Thank you so much!

Hillary Porter

Great staff—I’m very pleased with the care my fur baby receives from East Bullitt Animal Clinic.

Jennifer Nall-Knight

They are great! They are very thorough and don’t over test or treat so they can charge more. Plus, their prices seem to beat most other vet offices.